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Rufus was an American funk band, best known for their collaboration with Chaka Khan. The band had success mainly in the United States. Home to Chicago was.


[hide]*1 Biography



The band found its origin in the band The American Breed consisting of Gary Luizo, Al Ciner, Charles (Chuck) Colbert and Lee Graziano. They had a hit in 1967 withBend me, shape me. Luizo continued as music producer and the other three went together with Kevin Murphy (keys) and Vern Pilder from the band Circus. In 1969 the name was changed to Smoke. In 1970 came Paulette McWilliams and James Stella the ranks and the name was changed to Ask Rufus. Willie Weeks replaced when Vern Pilder.

In 1971 got Ask Rufus their first real record dealEpic Records signed the band. There was an album recorded, but that ended up on the shelves. Epic said the contract was replaced by Dennis Belfield on. Weeks. Also Stella and Graziano left the band and were replaced by Ron Stockert and Andre Fischer. He previously played at Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler. Paulette McWilliams and Chaka Khan became friends by their children. Chaka visited many of the concerts of Ask Rufus. When McWilliams wanted to stop advanced they Chaka forward. McWilliams remained still just around Chaka in the opportunity to deepen in the repertoire. Chaka had already sung earlier in Chicago and the surrounding area, including in the local band Lock and Chain. McWilliams departed and the band recorded two albums, still under the band name Ask Rufus. After those two albums disappeared "Ask".

The first years[Edit]Edit

The management office also registered its Famous band with Ashley McWilliams and The Rotary Connection (in which singer Minnie Riperton). Bob Monaco by Ashley Famous tried Ask Rufus to wear out at record label ABC Dunhill. To that he used eleven demos, which Ask Rufus in two days time had included in the Paragon Studio. ABC Dunhill decided after hearing the band to sign for a long-term record deal. Chaka was still as 18-year-old minor, so her mother had to with it to draw. The result was Rufus ' first album under that name. It was then 1973. It was not a great success, although Whoever's thrilling you (is killing me) and Feel good (with Chaka) have received airplay. Soon the band in the studio again for their second album, Rags to Rufus. It was under more Tell me something good by Stevie Wonder and You got the love of Ray Parker Jr.and Chaka. After personnel changes took place. Stockert, Belfield and Ciner were replaced by Nate Morgan, Tony Maiden and Bobb Watson, all from Los Angeles. The last two were "made" by Fischer. The gentlemen brought more funk in the music.

Good luck[Edit]Edit

The listed numbers of Rags to Rufus were hits and also dragged the album to the upper echelons of the American lists. The album was certified Platinum. The success brought work, for example, if the same Act for Stevie Wonder, but also Cheech and Chong and Hues CorporationTell me something good led to a Grammy Award. However, the popularity of Chaka rose faster than the band itself and so came the group name Rufus featuring Chaka Khan on the posters. In 1974, the band recorded Rufusized , which again was Platinum. The album Once you get startedStop on byI'm a woman and Pack'd my bags hits, those first also in Netherlands. In 1975 the band had its first own row and Chaka was more and more often in the reviews in addition to power house singer also labeled as sex symbol . At photo shoots only Chaka was sometimes requested. Chaka was then quite often compared to Aretha Franklinand Tina Turner . She got the nickname Little Aretha. Chaka the band threatened to outgrow. From the album Rufus featuring Chaka Khan was therefore still the successful single Sweet thing.

The relationships in the band were worse, mainly between Chaka and her new husband Richard Holland on the one hand and Andre Fischer on the other. During the recordings of Ask Rufus was even a brawl. There was a deluge of hits, but after round following Ask Rufus left Fischer. Fischer's friend Morgan also departed. They were replaced by Richard Calhoun and Hawk Wolinski. In the new composition took the album Street player Chaka gave to solo After issuance on. to want to go. Her Chaka album appeared in 1978; It put the tensions in Rufus on sharp. The solo album sold better than Street playerChaka, partly because a worldwide hit with I'm every woman. Meanwhile, the personnel changes in Rufus just by (Calhoun was replaced by John Robinson).

Decline and end[Edit]Edit

ABC Records was acquired by MCA Records. Rufus released an album without Chaka there under the title Numbers. Chaka came back to together with Rufus led by Quincy Jones to record Masterjam . The album only sales numbers because Chaka pulled out to sing with us. Chaka wanted to leave before but found out that she was still contractually obligated for two albums. So Masterjam appeared and Camouflage. In between was a Party 'til you're brokeChakaloos album. The differences, however, were so high that suffered during Camouflage Chaka often only came to sing at her vocals only in music that the band had previously recorded and vice versa.

The albums by Rufus disappeared into the background because the solo albums of Chaka sold better and in 1982 became the break final. Rufus then brought only one studio album, Seal in red (1983). The split-up was shaped by a closing concert in which Chaka was present again. Her record label could be a registration, but not brought it out on video, only on compact disc. Only much later Stompin' at the Savoy appeared ondvd. The wry was that the Wolinskicompositie Ain't nobody from that album was a big hit, with a top-30 in the Billboard Hot 100in the United Kingdom , an eighth place and even a 36th place in Netherlands. The song received a Grammy Award bestowed upon them. After this divorced the roads between Rufus and Chaka. Chaka built her solo career. Bobby Watson was producer of among others Janet Jackson.

So every now and then came a reunion and also tours came from the ground, but always without Fischer.

Compositions of Rufus[Edit]Edit


  • Kevin Murphy
  • Al Ciner
  • Andre Fischer
  • Ron Stockert
  • Chaka Khan
  • Dennis Belfield


  • Chaka Khan
  • Tony Maiden
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Andre Fischer
  • Bobby Watson
  • Nate Morgan


  • Chaka Khan (then also al solo)
  • Tony Maiden
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Richard "Moon" Calhoun
  • Bobby Watson
  • Dave Wolinski


  • Chaka Khan (then also solo)
  • Tony Maiden
  • Kevin Murphy
  • John "J.R." Robinson
  • Bobby Watson
  • Dave Wolinski



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Rufus 07-1973 -
Rags to Rufus 05-1974 -
Rufusized 12-1974 - with Chaka Khan
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan 11-1975 - with Chaka Khan
Ask Rufus 05-04-1977 - with Chaka Khan
Street player 01-1978 - with Chaka Khan
Numbers 01-1979 -
Masterjam 11-1979 - with Chaka
Party 'til you broke 03-1981 -
Camouflage 10-1981 - with Chaka Khan
The very best of Rufus featuring Chaka Khan 1982 - with Chaka Khan/ compilation album
Seal in red 02-1983 -
Stompin' at the savoy-Live 10-08-1983 - with Chaka Khan/ live album


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Slip 'n' slide 1973 -
Whoever's thrilling you 1973 -
Feel good 1973 -
Tell me something good 1974 28-09-1974 tip24 -
You got the love 1974 -
Once you get started 1974 03-05-1975 26 3 with Chaka Khan /

No. 20 in the Single Top 100

Please pardon me (You remind me of a friend) 1975 - with Chaka Khan
Sweet thing 1975 - with Chaka Khan
Dance with me 1976 - with Chaka Khan
Jive talking 1976 - with Chaka Khan
At midnight (My love will lift you up) 1977 - with Chaka Khan
Hollywood 1977 - with Chaka Khan
Everlasting love 1977 - with Chaka Khan
Stay 1978 - with Chaka Khan
Blue love 1978 - with Chaka Khan
Keep it together (Declaration of love) 1979 -
Ain't noboy like you 1979 -
Do you love what you feel 1979 - with Chaka
Any love 1980 - with Chaka
I'm dancing for your love 1980 - with Chaka
Tonight we love 1981 -
Hold on to a friend 1981 -
Sharing the love 1981 - with Chaka Khan
Better together 1982 - with Chaka Khan
Take it to the top 1983 -
Ain't nobody 1983 02-06-1984 29 4 with Chaka Khan/

No. 36 in the Single Top 100

One million kisses 1994 - with Chaka Khan
Ain't nobody (Remix) 1989 - with Chaka Khan
Single (s) with chart positions

in the Flemish Ultratop 50

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Once you get started 1974 - with Chaka Khan/

No. 30 in the Radio 2 Top 30

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Ain't nobody

(with Chaka Khan)

712 - 1199 806 1132 1211 1439 1504 1231 1287 1630 1444 1433 1612 1671

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