Rust In Peace Cover

Rust In Peace cover

Artist: Megadeth

Release date: September 24th, 1990

Label: Capitol Records, Combat Records


  1. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due 6:32
  2. Hangar 18 5:11
  3. Take No Prisoners 3:27
  4. Five Magics 5:39
  5. Poison Was The Cure 2:56
  6. Lucretia 3:56
  7. Tornado of Souls 5:19
  8. Dawn Patrol 1:51
  9. Rust in Peace...Polaris 5:35

Additional notes:

  • Produced by Dave Mustaine and Mike Clink.
  • Mixed by Max Norman.
  • Engineered by Micajah Ryan and Mike Clink.
  • Artwork and Cover by Ed Repka

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