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Søren Nystrøm Rasted (June 13, 1969) is a Danish songwriter, guitarist and occasional vocalist for the Danish pop band Aqua, and is married to the Aqua vocalist Lene Nystrøm. He also created the Lazyboy project. Currently, he is preparing the debut album of Hej Matematik!, a band he has formed with his own nephew, Nicolaj Rasted.


Personal lifeEdit

One reason Aqua split up is because a relationship between Lene and Søren.Template:Dubious In 2001, Søren married Lene. They have a daughter and a son, named India and Billy, respectively. They live in Denmark.

Musical careerEdit


Rasted was a member of the Danish-Norwegian pop-dance group Aqua, best known for their hits "Barbie Girl", "Doctor Jones", "Turn Back Time", "Cartoon Heroes" and "Around the World". Rasted and his band member Claus Norreen wrote and produced the two Aqua albums Aquarium and Aquarius. Aqua was formed in 1995 and split up in 2001, but reunited in 2007. The band sold more than 28 million records worldwide, and appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as the only debut band with three "self penned" Number One hits in the UK. Søren has received more than 140 Gold and Platinum albums, including awards for best songwriter/ producer.[citation needed] In October 2007, Aqua announced their comeback, planned for 2008.

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