S.O.U.L is the official debut (non-collaborative) album by GAZA.


The album was announced in 2010, and GAZA had already received a couple of beats, one of which was So Far. It was announced that the recording/mixing process would take place in between the recording of All I Ever Wanted and In My Darkest Dreams, as GAZA does not want to rush this album. He also announced that live instruments would be used in some of the songs. Producer K Skye produced the song Footsteps on the album, which heavily samples The Isley Brothers Footsteps In the Dark. A snippet of the song was released in April which features GAZA's 1st verse and stated the song was originally supposed to feature Infamy. GAZA stated that he would produce some of the tracks on the album. He also confirmed that he would release the album cover along with the release of All I Ever Wanted.


Unlike All I Ever Wanted, GAZA is limiting himself to only about 3 features. The first confirmed feature is Lyrichris.

Confirmed Track-ListingEdit

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