SMN 2010 Demos
EP by SlowMotionNoise
Released March 9, 2010
Recorded January - February 2010 in Burlington, Ontario
Genre Electronic, post-hardcore
Length 14:44
Producer Sean Sheridan
SlowMotionNoise chronology
The Killer Angel EP
SMN 2010 Demos
The Lost EP

The SMN 2010 Demos (a.k.a. "SMN 2.0 Demos") are a collection of songs released by SlowMotionNoise. This would become the last release before the band broke up.

Musical StyleEdit

This release showed a slight shift away from mostly elecronic music influence. The songs took on a more post-hardcore sound, with various synths and electronics used throughout the songs.

Gotta Be (Anywhere You Are)Edit

"Gotta Be (Anywhere You Are)" was written by Sean Sheridan and David Gauthier as a tribute to David's friend Kevin, who was killed in a car accident in February 2009. Lyrics to one of Kevin's own songs was used in this song, sung by David's sister, Renee Gauthier.

Track listingEdit

All lyrics written by Sean Sheridan and Dannie Wright, all music composed by SlowMotionNoise.
SMN 2010 Demos
No. Title Length
1. "I Became Champion of Everything"   3:54
2. "Gotta Be (Anywhere You Are)" (feat. Renee Gauthier) 7:11
3. "I Was Never One For Cinematics"   3:39


  • Sean Sheridan – vocals, synth, piano, programming, additional guitar
  • Dannie Wright - vocals
  • Kristin Cavarzan - bass
  • Jason Haist - guitar
  • David Gauthier - drums, additional programming
  • Renee Gauthier - guest vocals on "Gotta Be (Anywhere You Are)"
  • Sean Sheridan – production, mixing

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