Before SNIPED it was just two Long Island boys. Mike and Chris, already standing out the idea to make music came about. Starting in 2008 after a death of a friend, the 1st song was written and a demo titled was passed around. The demo included many songs of many genres and a cheap recording process. As the demo was circulating many problems arose with local news channels, psych-wards and family issues. In 2009 after being taken as a joke by many locals, a show at a local “Hot Topic” location quickly changed everyone’s opinion on the group. With a crowd so big the show was cut short only lasting fifteen minutes. Using there last year in high school they have been working on a debut album to release half way thru the school year. SNIPED has opened the eyes of many record labels, artist major and unsigned as being original and out there. There first CD release is well worth the wait, in 2010.



Is Releasing self titled CD late 2009!

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