SPURS is an American rock/soul band from Los Angeles, CA, formed in 2011. The band consists of Adam Arcuragi (vocals, guitar), along with various other contributing members, such as David Hartley, Fabian Simon and Nicole Childrey.

The basis for the new project was Arcuragi's inspiration in writing songs with legendary song writer, Jeff Barry. The two met in Los Angeles, after Arcuragi covered one of Barry's songs "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", for an NPR Holiday special.[1] They began writing together shortly thereafter, inspired by Western era songs (such as those by The Sons of the Pioneers), they wanted to give those classic, catchy melodies a new and reinvented feel, by adding an element of 60's Soul, R&B, such as the tracks that Barry wrote and produced with bands like The Ronettes, The Shangri-La's and others.

SPURS released their first song "Cobra Tie"[2] as a demo, on the charity album Songs After Sandy which went to hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New York. The album featured tracks by Ringo Starr, Eric Budon, Brendan Benson and others. Arcuragi also recorded one of the bands' songs "Be My Baby Drums", for The 78 Project, as captured by the BBC [3]

SPURS begin touring, playing first at SXSW, around Los Angeles,[4] as well as shows with bands such as Bishop Allen [5] The band is set to release their debut studio album, in early 2015.

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