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SL500, ST8MENT, and Rugged


(Back, Left To Right): Donnie Brasco, DJ Tim Dawg, Remark, ST8MENT. (Front): Unknown

ST8MENT - All Night Long (Music Video Screenshot)

(Back & Front, Left To Right): Cedd Bottom, SL500, ST8MENT, Rugged (featuring the La Mesa Poilce in the background)

Founded: 2001

Affiliations: Six One Nine // 7TEK // ST8MENT PRODUCTIONS

Headquarters: San Diego, California

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(Written by ST8MENT, Edited by Jay) About me… I’m a 27 year old caucasian native of sunny San Diego. I grew up all over the city in a plethora of sometimes unimaginable places. My dad was a freelance record producer and juggled trying to get his efforts off the ground while providing for the new family. I was raised around mixing boards… I’ve been rapping since middle school, writing beats the last seven years, keyboarding since a child, playing the drums since I can remember getting on my dad’s set — music means everything to me.

As far as my real-life alter ego goes, I taught high school at age 20 and currently a systems admin at the same charter school. I love music; it’s the most direct way to influence the youth. I take my opportunities to write tracks that inspire the listener; empower them to initiate and instigate. I just finished my first album produced entirely in my home studio, called What If That Was, also the name of one of the two tracks I submitted into the Fort Minor Remix Contest. I wrote the "What If That Was" remix because I’m a workaholic myself, and I share Shinoda’s first name, and the first time I heard the track "Remember The Name" on Myspace I knew it was time for me to make that final push to get this love for music off the ground and in the airwaves…..

If you like the jams, is the the official Myspace release page for the newest tracks coming out of here. News of the online store and new web site will be posted within a week; in the meantime, feel free to drop me a line on Myspace or at for promo copies of the album.

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  • AIM: ST8M3NT
  • EMAIL:

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