Salem is an electronic group based in Traverse City, Michigan and Chicago. The group consists of Jack Donoghue (production), John Holland (production), and Heather Marlatt (vocals), and formed in 2006 in Chicago. The band gained recognition in 2008 after the release of two EPs (Yes I Smoke Crack and Water) before releasing their debut album, King Night in 2010. Their music is notorious for combining leftfield hip-hop productions with eerie samples and distorted vocals.

History Edit

Salem formed in 2006 in Chicago after John Donoghue and John Holland agreed to collaborate during their studies at the School of Art Institute. Heather Marlatt was added to the lineup in 2007 after moving in with Holland in Chicago.

The first official release by Salem was the extended play, Yes I Smoke Crack, distributed by Acéphale Records with a limited edition of 500 copies in the summer of 2008. Another EP, Water, was released near the end of 2008, also limited to 500 copies. Both releases sold out quickly, displaying Salem's rise from the underground scene. Two singles, OhK and Frost were released and limited to 300 copies each. In the summer of 2010, Salem released a split single with Tanlines, before releasing a 43-minute limited edition cassette, I Buried My Heart Inna Wounded Knee.

Salem released their debut album, King Night on September 28, 2010 through IAMSOUND Records, containing five previously-released songs and six new songs. The album received generally-positive reviews from critics and charted at #22 on the US Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Salem released the I'm Still in the Night EP on November 22, 2011 to mixed reviews.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Singles and EPs Edit

Splits Edit

  • Salem/Tanlines (2010)

Mixtapes Edit

  • Raver Stay Wif Me (2010)
  • I Buried My Heart Inna Wounded Knee (2010)
  • Sleep Now My One Little Eye (2011)
  • Bow Down (2011)

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