Artist: Lyrics Born

Date Released: April 26, 2005

Label: Quannum

Produced By: Lyrics Born and others


  1. Intro
  2. Hello Remix Produced by Jumbo the Garbageman of the Lifesavas
  3. Pack Up Remix Featuring KRS-One, Evidence (Dilated Peoples), DJ D-Sharp, produced by Jumbo the Garbageman of the Lifesavas
  4. I'm Just Raw Produced by Dan the Automator
  5. Do That There (The Young Einstein Hoo-Hoo Mix) Produced by Young Einstein (Ugly Duckling)
  6. I Changed My Mind (Rattlesnake Remix) Produced by The Stereo MC’s
  7. Bad Dreams Interlude
  8. Shake It Off (Bad Dreams Part II)
  9. The Last Trumpet (Halou Remix) featuring Lateef the Truthspeaker and DJ Shadow, Produced by Halou
  10. Over You featuring Joyo Velarde, Produced by DJ Shadow
  11. I Can't Wait for Your Love (Limited Time Offer) featuring Joyo Velarde, Produced by Chief Xcel (Blackalicious)
  12. The Bay featuring C. Holiday and The Poets of Rhythm
  13. Callin' Out Remix featuring E-40 and Casual
  14. Outro
  15. Stop Complaining Remix Produced by Morcheeba/Capricorn II
  16. I Changed My Mind (DJ Spinna Mix) Produced by DJ Spinna

In 2003, L.A. emcee/producer Lyrics Born dropped his first full length under the moniker (formerly Asian Born) and completely blew away fans and critics with his earthy beats and funky vocals. It’s no wonder, since he spent years working on it, but now, just a year after its initial drop, he puts out a remix record complete with big name underground hip-hop rappers and producers. With tracks being remixed and produced by the likes of Dan the Automator, DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel, DJ Spinna and Jumbo the Garbageman (Lifesavas) and guest emcees like KRS-One, Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Lateef the Truth Speaker, E-40, Casual and The Poets of Rhythm, it’s hard to even imagine that some how this record would fall short. But if you put it up next to the first album, I think it does. Tracks like Hello Remix and I'm Just Raw come off a bit cheesy and too hook oriented. He seems to be continuedly pigeonholed by short choruses that are cute the first time you hear it, but annoying every other time you hear it. It’s definitely a fun record though with some good old-skool funky hip-hop, but nothing is gained from listening to it. It sounds much more like weekend get-together between Lyrics Born and some of his close friends who decided to would be fun to mess around with Later That Day... purely for their own enjoyment rather than a well thought out remix record. He would of been much better suited to record a brand new album rather than put out this backwards step. Hopefully it won't take years once again.

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