Sami Keinänen (born in 1973, Rovaniemi, Finland) is a Finnish bass player and a former member of Lordi.

Using stage name G-Stealer, Keinänen played the bass in the band from 1996 to 1999 and recorded an album, Bend Over and Pray the Lord! with them. The album, however, was never released.

In 1999 Keinänen left the band, as he had got a job in Great Britain.

As G-Stealer, he was a terrible manbeast from the star system Mu Arae, just like Kita. It was originally thought that this beast could replace genes of creatures it encounters, so that its name would have been Gene Replacer. This is an inside joke about Kiss's basist, Gene Simmons and as a band greatly influenced by Kiss, Keinänen would in effect be Gene's replacer. It was, however, concluded that "replacer" sounds stupid and Gene cannot be stolen either. In the end, the name was shortened to G-Stealer.

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