Sara Martin (Louisville (Kentucky), 18 June 1884 -died 24 may 1955) was an American blues and vaudeville singer. She was one of the best blues singers of the 1920s and made a lot of plates. In her heyday, she was known as the Blues sensation of the West.

Martin worked initially as a vaudeville singer, among others in Illinois. Early twenties she went blues singing and in 1922 closed them a recording contract with Okeh, for which she recorded until 1928 (sometimes under the names Margaret Johnson or Sally Roberts). She was often accompanied by Sylvester Weaver (banjo or guitar) and pianist Clarence Williams, who also occasionally sang. On some recordings played men and Sidney BechetKing OliverFats Waller and Bubber Miley. In the same period she performed with great success in the T.O.B.A.circuit in the South of America. Later, they also sing on the East Coast. In 1929 she appeared in the film "Hello Bill," with Bill Bojangles Robinson and a year later in the first sound film in which African-Americans played only: ' Darktown Revue '.

Sara Martin had a deep, full voice and if she acted she sang with much drama. She was often billed as the Famous Moanin' Mama or the Colored Sophie Tucker. In her heyday, she was known as the Blues sensation of the West. In the second half of the twenties were fewer recordings of her than before. Early thirties pulled them out of showbiz, went back to Louisville and created there a nursing home. Though she sang a time in a church choir. Sara Martin died from complications of a stroke.


MENU   0: 00 You Got Everything A Sweet Mama Needs But Me (1922) MENU   0: 00 'tain't nobody's Bus'ness If I Do(1922)*1922-1928, Best of Blues

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