Artist: Punky Brewskies

Album: Punky Brewskies

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: I apparently have a soft spot for songs that involve loops taken from "Saturday In The Park" by Chicago. If it weren't for "Underdog Victorious", "Cinnamon Park" would be my favorite cut from that album. And then there's this, which is my favorite cut from THIS album. This is Jason Cooley (a/k/a Jason X-12) and James Kochalka Superstar's rap side-project. They've only released one album, which, well, is really an EP only with a bunch of songs because they're only about a minute long on average. This is the fourth-longest cut on the record, which was only issued as a 3" CD. Which is pretty cool, actually. I dig it. Anyway, it too uses "Saturday In The Park" to provide the musical backing. Perhaps it's just that the original song is so bouncy and happy that it tends to work when people end up writing much better lyrics to it. Because, um, let's face it—the original? Well, the original lyrics are in Italian, so maybe they are awesome—I don't know, I don't know a lick of italian. But Chicago's lyrics? Eesh, not so much. But these? Well, OK, but "Cinnamon Park"? Those are some wicked ass awesome fuckin' lyrics. Lyrics worthy of all sorts of swearin'. I think the EP this is from isn't available via Amazon, so I'm throwing up a link to the recently released James Kochalka Superstar Best-Of. So go get that, too.


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