Artist: Saul Williams

Date Released: September 21, 2004

Label: Fader

Produced By:


  1. Talk to Strangers
  2. Grippo
  3. Telegram
  4. Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare)
  5. List of Demands (Reparation)
  6. African Student Movement
  7. Black Stacey
  8. PG
  9. Surrender (A Second to Think)
  10. Control Freak
  11. Seaweed
  12. Notice of Eviction


Saul Williams, who first established himself in the mediums of acting and screenwriting, returns for his second full-length outing, and this time without producer Rick Rubin. His second attempt is similar to the first, forefronted by his confrotational vocal style, but it is notably more rap than the rap-rock that plagued Amethyst Rock Star. Williams vocal styling lies between poetry and rap, see Def Poetry, just try to listen to one cut of this album without feeling inspired. His presentation is not what should be concentrated on though; Williams may have the most analytical and thought-provoking lyrics of any artist on earth. His poetry is eye-opening, inspiring, introspective, honest and controversial, all at the same time. His demeanor is eloquent while remaining mysterious and dark, and his music reflects just that. The music is produced by a slew of respected artists along with Williams including Serj Tankian (System of a Down, #1), Thavius Beck (#4) and Musa Bailey (#2). Also, Isaiah Ikey Owens plays on track 7 and even Zach de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) appears (in sampled form) on track #4. I think the music stands for itself. Mpardaiolo

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