File:Saymyname9 200.jpg
File:"Say My Name" - Destiny's Child

Say My Name features each member of the group along with two female dancers and one male dancer in different colored rooms. Beyonce is featured in orange clothes to match her equally orange room. Kelly is in a blue room, newcomer Farrah is in a red room and Michelle is in a white room. The original video idea had more choreography in it but due to the abrupt group change the new girls were unable to dance in stiletto heels like their veteran counterparts. Instead the directors had the girls sit and stand in various positions around their rooms and pose with the beat of the song. After the first verse and the chorus the girls switched rooms but kept their respective color couches and clothes. After the second verse during the "break down", Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah are gathered in a garage-like room dressed in black leather pants and orange tops and all of the dancers, dressed in black, from the video. After this scene it was back to the colorful rooms in which the girls had now switched couches and continued the song until the end of the video where the final pose was back in the garage.

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