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File:Saysaysay3 200.jpg
File:"Say Say Say" - Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

Say Say Say features cameo appearances by Linda McCartney, La Toya Jackson and Mr. T. It was filmed in Santa Ynez Valley, California, and the duo play a pair of conmen, Mack and Jack, selling a "miracle potion". The salesman, played by Paul, offers Jackson the potion, claiming it's "guaranteed to give you the strength of a raging bull". Jackson drinks the potion and challenges a large man, also in on the scam, to arm wrestle. Upon Jackson winning, the crowd surges forward, hoping to buy the magical potion. With the money earned from the scam, Mac and Jack donate it all to an orphanage. In their hotel, Jackson enters the bathroom while McCartney is shaving. McCartney playfully dabs shaving foam on Jackson's cheek, despite the fact that Jackson does not need a shave. McCartney and Jackson, then, star as vaudeville performers singing and dancing at a bar. On stage, the duo appear in clown makeup at one point and quickly go through a number of costume changes Jackson's love interest, with whom he flirts, was played by La Toya. The video ends with Paul, Linda and Michael driving off into the sunset. La Toya, handed a bunch of flowers by McCartney, is left at the roadside. The video cost the singers $500,000 to make.

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