File:Sayyoullbethere8 200.jpg
File:"Say You'll Be There" - Spice Girls

Say You'll Be There was filmed in the Mojave Desert and features the group as female techno-warriors, who use martial arts and high-tech ninja influenced weapons to capture a hapless male who happens to appear in his Chevrolet Corvair Rampside pick-up truck. The clip is presented as a narrative, with movie credits at the start introducing the Spice Girls as fantastic characters. The shots of male bondage are unexplained, and function as symbols of male disempowerment, just as the rest of the clip serves to assert the power and fighting abilities of the women, at the end the confused apparent pursuer is carried off on the roof of a car as a trophy.

The video was inspired by the films Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Pulp Fiction. Melanie Chisholm played "Katrina Highkick", Geri Halliwell's alter-ego was "Trixie Firecracker", Emma Bunton took on the role of "Kung Fu Candy", Victoria Beckham played "Midnight Miss Suki", while "Blazin' Bad Zula" was Melanie Brown's alter-ego.

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