Schrei nach Liebe (engl.: Scream for Love) is a 1993 song by German fun punk band Die Ärzte and from their eighth album "Die Bestie in Menschengestalt". It is one of the best known political anthems and anti-fascist songs in Germany and was made in the context of the Riot of Hoyerswerda.


The single were released on September 10, 1993 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and charted in two countries only. In September 2015, the song charted again due to an antifascist action named "Aktion Arschloch". The name is from the song's lyrics where all three band members shout "Arschloch!", which means "Asshole!". The chart re-entry caused this song to become a number-one-hit after 22 years of its first release.

Country Peak
Flag of Austria Austria 6 1
Flag of Germany Germany 9 1
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 6

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