Artist: Gentle Giant

Date Released: 15th November, 2004

Label: Alucard

Produced By: Gentle Giant


Disc One:

  1. Giant (Vocal Mix)
  2. Alucard
  3. Pantagruel's Nativity (Vocal Mix)
  4. School Days (Piano)
  5. School Days (Grand Piano)
  6. Working All Day (Demo)
  7. Peel The Paint (Different Solo)
  8. Mr. Class & Quality (Intro Bits + Complete Solos)
  9. Three Friends (Piano Experiment)
  10. Three Friends (Vocal Mix)
  11. Kerry's Kindness
  12. Think Of Me With Kindness (Studio Outtake)
  13. Keyboard Concerto (Plymouth 1973)
  14. In A Glass House (Intro)
  15. Runaway/Experience (Segue)
  16. Way Of Life (Without Vox)
  17. Proclamation (Rehearsal)
  18. Proclamation (Demo)
  19. Playing The Game (Experiment)
  20. Playing The Game (Pick'n'Mix)
  21. Playing The Game (Alternative Part)
  22. The Boogie And The Woogie (Cogs)
  23. No God's A Man (Demo)
  24. No God's A Man (Vocal Mix)
  25. The Face (Demo)
  26. Valedictory (Starts)
  27. The Power And The Glory (Inbetweenies)
  28. The Power And The Glory (Demo/Band/Studio Pick'n'Mix)
  29. The Power And The Glory (Second Song)
  30. With Gentle Giant On KMET Jingle
  31. On Reflection
  32. Free Hand (Riff)
  33. His Last Voyage (Vocal Mix)

Disc Two:

  1. His Last Voyage (Demo)
  2. Talybont (Special Mix)
  3. Talybont (Demos)
  4. Mobile (Demos)
  5. Mobile (Studio Outtake)
  6. Give It Back (Guitar)
  7. Give It Back (Funny Voices)
  8. Another Show (M8)
  9. Empty City (Studio Outtake)
  10. Empty City (Guitar And Rhodes Mix)
  11. Empty City (Vocal Mix)
  12. Timing (Demo)
  13. Intro 77
  14. Two Weeks In Spain (Rehearsal)
  15. Two Weeks In Spain (Studio)
  16. 12 Bar Warmup + Who Do You Think You Are? (Outtake + Rehearsal)
  17. Rock Me Baby
  18. As Old As You're Young
  19. Winning (Band Rehearsal - Odd M8)
  20. Winning (Lights Rehearsal - Pinewood)
  21. For Nobody
  22. For Nobody (Vocal Mix)
  23. Friends (Demo)
  24. Rock Climber (Band Rehearsal)
  25. Shadows On The Street

Disc Three:

  1. Home Again
  2. Moog Fugue
  3. Move Over
  4. Really Don't Know
  5. Heaven's Tears
  6. Flower Arranging
  7. Living In A Restaurant
  8. You Make Me Very Happy
  9. Get Out Of My Way
  10. Wisdom Was Calling
  11. Good Christian Men Rejoice
  12. Hava Nagila
  13. Homeland
  14. Burn My Working Clothes
  15. On Safari
  16. Starting Line (Demo)
  17. Running Away (Demo)
  18. Our World
  19. Back To The Front
  20. Prehistoric Boss Level
  21. Volcano


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