Harold R. "Scrappy" Lambert (12 may 1901 - Palm Springs30 november 1987) was an American singer who in the twenties and thirties on hundreds of plates sang. He belonged with Smith BallewChick Bullockand Irving Kaufman to the singers who at that time the most are included.

Lambert studied at Rutgers University, where he was cheerleader and pianist in the group Rutgers Jazz Bandits. With fellow student Billy Hillpot formed a comedy duo, that was discovered in 1926 and then adopted by bandleader Ben Bernie. The two participated in many recordings and remained at Bernie until 1928. In the thirties they worked for NBCradio, Scrappy then made part of the Showboat Four, with which he also acted for the radio.

Lambert was also active as a band vocalist ', a singer who was hired by orchestras and groups for studio recordings. In the 1920s and 1930s he sang along on hundreds of plates. He sang, among other things, Red NicholsFrank Britton WenzelFred RichSam LaninFrankie TrumbauerBen Pollack and the studio band The Charleston Chasers. He also did from 1929 solo recordings for Brunswick and, under psydoniemen as Glen Burt and Buddy Blue, small labels. In addition to his record career he worked for the radio, so he sang in the radio shows by Fred Allen and Ed Wynn. In 1943 he took a job at MCA-radio in Beverly Hills and his singing career came to an end. For MCA, he proposed radio programs that were sold to the networks, later he was active for the television Department. Lambert worked for MCA until 1948, he then became a successful businessman.


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