Artist: Soul Coughing

Album: Ruby Vroom

Appears On (Mixes): The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites

Song Notes: I think most people probably know who Soul Coughing is, and quite possibly even know that Mike Doughty, the lead singer, has some solo stuff out and everything. This is one of my favorite Soul Coughing songs and it's on their first record, Ruby Vroom. One interesting thing, though—the intro to this was sampled and looped for Chris Morris' "Bishopslips" Blue Jam sketch; the sketch that ended up being the last sketch of episode six of the first series, despite airing only 15 minutes in to the normally one-hour program. As the story goes, Chris Morris was told not to put the sketch, a razor-tape of the Princess Diana Funeral Speech, on the air; he agreed, but at the last minute swapped the tape of the show from the edited version to the complete version. Thus, the sketch was transmitted because the engineer working that night waited until it was almost over to fade the show down and put on alternate programming. (The edited version of that episode aired as the second season premiere.) The interesting thing, though, is that I'm pretty sure the main loop of "Screenwriter's Blues" is itself a sample. It's sort of like how Negativland sampled the "More Music!" liner from The Who Sell Out, which they, in turn, sampled from Radio London. (Unless Negativland themselves got it from Radio London as well, which is possible, since they've got billions of tapes, or one would assume.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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