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04.1 Seclusion

Seclusion is the sophomore album of Ambient music artist The Silent Boy that was release through Bandcamp on April 14, 2012. It is also a double-album. It progresses from the dark ambient atmosphere found in Greetings From Christmas Town. This album's themes are isolation, heartbreak, and resolve. There is an emphasis on melancholy with droning bass guitar, with use of various other instruments and reverb throughout.

Track Listing Edit

(All songs were composed, produced, mixed, and recorded by Azrael Belford)

Disc 1 - Pt I: Jon Edit

  1. A3800527166 10
    "From Under A Lake, I Heard Your Voice" (04:22)
  2. "Looking Up From The Grass" (06:20)
  3. "Brown Eyes, Strong Embrace" (04:07)
  4. "Separation (pt. I)" (02:41)
  5. "Reopening" (03:20)
  6. "Unlove" (03:00)
  7. "In the Arachnid's Thread" (05:05)
  8. "Falling Through Infinity" (03:45)
  9. "I Was Still In Darkness When You Caught Me." (03:28)
  10. "Goodbye" (04:28)
  11. "Separation (pt. II)" (02:58)

(Time - 43:34)

Disc 2 - Pt. II: Cody Edit

  1. A3076468903 10
    "Welcome Home" (05:00)
  2. "Awaking From in the Mist" (05:30)
  3. "Endless Forest, Endless Chasings" (04:50)
  4. "Raindrop-Interlude" (02:56)
  5. "Laying In The Grey" (05:22)
  6. "Deletion: pt. I Unhinging of Want" (05:03)
  7. "Running Through the Storm" (02:30)
  8. "Deletion: pt. II Obstructing Regret" (04:34)
  9. "Peace + Rest (for Ryan)" (04:00)
  10. "Into Light Once Again, As Past Loves Go Quiet." (05:25)
  11. "Epilogue: The Emptiness Of Isolation/Exit" (07:07)

(Time - 52:17)

(Total Time - 01:35:51)

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