Self-Titled Album Cover

Self-Titled is the debut album of the thrash metal/alternative metal band Anonymos. It is currently in the pre-production stage, and the band plans on releasing another album (Just Another Outtakes Album...NOT!!!) along with it, altough they will not be released as a double album.


The songs on Self-Titled are usually incredibly aggressive and fast-paced (Rollback reaches 185 beats per minute; Anonymos reaches 222 beats per minute) with highly distorted guitar riffs. The songs also are experimental, often incorporting odd time signatures, and changes in time signatue and tempo.

Album ArtworkEdit


The album cover features four stick figures (each of the four band members) standing on the middle of the road. On the right side, there is a bus with a Cedar Point ad driving toward them. The stick figure farthest to the right has an exclamation point over his head. The band name is stated on the top, and the album name is stated on the bottom.


The back shows the four stick figures lying on the road with blood splattered all over the place. On the left, there is the back of the bus that ran the band over. Also on the left is the list of songs. The song "Its an Inconvenient Truth" is in a quote bubble, suggesting that Al Gore is the bus driver.



  • The band used a drum machine for most of the pre-production of Self-Titled.
  • David Poole and Greg Stahl shared the bass guitar duties for the pre-production of Self-Titled.
  • The albums cover was drawn up on paint.

Track listingEdit

  • Intro
  • Anonymos
  • Transporting Disaster
  • Its an Inconveniant Truth!
  • Rollback
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Outro


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