Artist: Data Panik

Album: Cubis (I Love You) b/w Sense Not Sense

Appears On (Mixes): Dub Club: Matt's 2005 Best Of -- Streets Named For New England Trees

Song Notes: Data Panik is the band that bis evolved into. A few years ago they broke up, and formed different projects, the more rock-based The Kitchen (featuring Manda Rin) and the more electronica-based Dirty Hospital (featuring John Disco and Sci-Fi Steven). Both of those bands imploded (sadly, in the case of The Kitchen, along with Manda Rin's marriage), and they got back together. Why did they choose a different name? I don't know—I think they decided that since bis was declared dead, it'd be weird to say it was back. So, what does Data Panik sound like? Well, they sound like bis. But since bis was awesome, that's great. This is one of the A-sides of their double-A side single on Rough Trade, and is the A-sideier of the two in my opinion. But the other A-side, "Cubis (I Love You)", is pretty good too. -Rev. Syung Myung Me


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