Sessions '64
Compilation album by various artists
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Producer Brian Wilson, Jimmy Bowen
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No Pier Pressure
Sessions '64

Sessions '64 is a compilation album released for Record Store Day 2015 on April 18. It features productions by Brian Wilson and Jimmy Bowen for the artists the Honeys, the Castells, and the Timers. The album will be issued as a limited edition 10-inch gold vinyl with only 1,500 copies pressed.[1]

The set marks the first official release of the Honeys' instrumental "I Can See Right Through You" (also known as "Go Away Boy") recorded on February 17, 1964.[2] Previously, a cover was recorded by Pearlfishers for the Beach Boys tribute album Caroline Now! (2000).[3]

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Brian Wilson, except "No Go Showboat" by Wilson and Roger Christian
Side one
No. TitlePerformers Length
1. "He's a Doll" (mono master)The Honeys  
2. "He's a Doll" (stereo mix)The Honeys  
3. "He's a Doll" (stereo backing track)The Honeys  
4. "The Love of a Boy and a Girl" (mono master)The Honeys  
5. "I Can See Right Through You (Go Away Boy)" (stereo backing track)The Honeys  

Side two
No. TitlePerformers Length
1. "I Do" (stereo mix)The Castells  
2. "I Do" (stereo backing track)The Castells  
3. "No Go Showboat" (stereo mix)The Timers  
4. "No Go Showboat" (stereo backing track)The Timers  


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