Set Me Free is a song by Oneric Digital records featuring (in order) Problem, Bristol Crook, Infamy and GAZA collectively known as The League at one point.


The song samples Set Me Free by Japanese Reggae artist Pushim (produced by DJ Premier), with her vocals as the chorus. There are two versions of the song. One features the names above, and the other excludes Bristol Crook's verse for reasons unknown.

Part 2 Edit

Although the label is officially disbanded, the possibility Set Me Free Pt.2 is still up in the air. Both Problem and Bristol Crook agreed to be part of the sequel. Set Me Free 2 was officially confirmed in April 2010, and Infamy and GAZA agreed to return. It is speculated that Kapital K and 2 other artist will be part of the sequel. It was officially confirmed in 2011 that everyone from the original line-up will be a part of the song. In May of 2011, the official instrumental was confirmed to be Gangstarr's Discipline and that Kapital K and Jay Are would be featured on an alternate version of the song.

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