Seven Factor (born April 11, 1979) is an American Musician, and producer


Seven currently has an office at the famous KDS Studios in Orlando Florida working as an Audio Engineer and Music Producer, as well as working closely with former Marilyn Manson Drummer Sara Lee Lucas who is also based out of KDS

Seven has been involved with many industrial music acts such as Human Factors Lab and Seven Factor, he has also worked with Crossbreed,PHER, 16Volt,[1] SML8,[2] He has also done remixes for many other artists including Psyclon Nine Tweaker, SML8, Army Of The Universe, Cynergy 67,[3] and Ten Cent Toys.

Human Factors LabEdit

Seven founded Human Factors Lab in 2004.

Human Factors Lab has since put out five albums:

  • Plastik : 2004
  • Pap3r : 2008
  • L1V3 : 2009
  • We All Fall Down (EP)
  • The Blade (EP) : October, 2012 Produced By Chris Vrenna[4][5]

The Blood (EP) : March, 2013 Produced By Chris Vrenna[4][5] in 2012 Seven and Chris Vrenna Began work co-producing a series of EPs for Human Factors Lab[6]

16VOLT Edit

IN 2008 Seven was hired on Live guitarist and keyboardist by 16volt as a live member for the denial Highway tour. Other Members included Mike Peoples on Bass, Steve White (KMFDM) on lead guitar,Jason Bazinet (SMP, Chemlab) on drums Eric Powell on vocals and guitar.[7]


  • PLUSH - uncredited


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