EP by joe DOE
Released December 21, 2010
Genre sykophunk
Label Sykophunk Productions
Producer joe DOE
SeximerArtwork copy

joe DOE - Seximer artwork

Seximer is an EP by joe DOE. This release contains reworked versions of songs from the albums Democalypse and Be Middle Class or Die Trying, and features guest performances from other vocalists and musicians: Randy Stockton (from GrimWitcH), Christel South, Time Traveling Terrapin, Ecks, Dubby Dub, Thomas Scott Farrell, and Cherie O.

Track listingEdit

  1. Epic Awesomeness (badass remix)
  2. Battle Scars (revistied remix)
  3. 2012 (original remix)
  4. Sick Shit (raw remix)
  5. Shitting in the Lap of Luxury (unplugged)
  6. Life (Will Never Be the Same Again)

Further ReadingEdit

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