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Artist: XTC

Album: Black Sea, Coat Of Many Cupboards, Fossil Fuel, Waxworks, The Compact XTC

Appears On (Mixes):

Song Notes: Andy Partridge hates this song. I think he basically always has, too. I don't think there was ever really a time when he was particularly enamoured with it. It WAS a single, though, and went gold, at least, in the UK. He was sort of annoyed at that, just because, well, even though it's a success and it brought in money and fame, it's still his worst song. Or at least in his eyes, anyway. It's... kinda catchy, but the lyrics are a bit TOO goofy and stupid. He wanted to write a tribute to one of his favorite comic books, and so he set out specifically to do so, and, well, a lot of times when you set out specifically to do a kind of art, it ends up failin'. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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