Sha-Na-Na is a rock and roll act from New York, who in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century small successes. The main reasons for that were the performance at Woodstock and the musical contribution to the soundtrack for the film Grease. The repertoire of the group includes renditions of years-fifty songs, and thereupon inspired, self-penned music.


Sha-Na-Na was founded under the name The Kingsmen, but changed at the request of another 'The Kingsmen' by name. With their new name they were especially popular in the mid-1970s, when there were inNorth America and England prevailed fifty years-a sudden madness. At the end of the 1970s the band got his own television show, where they received guests as James Brown and the Ramones. The emphasis shifted from tough to light-comic.

Band Members[Edit]Edit

' Sha-Na-Na ' changed many times by composition. At the time however, this composition is:

  • Reggie Battise, vocals
  • Jim Waldbillig, bass
  • Gene Jaramillo, guitar
  • Paul Kimbarow, drums
  • Michael Brown, saxophone.

Perhaps the most memorable is a member Jon Bauman, either ' Bowzer '. He's stepped from the band and is currently working on a solo career. In addition, he made several televisionand radio program's going to present. Also Vinnie Taylor is one of the best known band members in 1970 , he was lead guitarist of the band, but died on 17 april 1974 to a heroinoverdose, shortly after he had given a concert at the University ofVirginia. The ex-members David "Chico" Ryan and Mal Gray joined the band Bill Haley and His Comets.

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