Artist: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

Date Released: October 19, 2004

Label: Lookout!

Produced By: Chris Shaw


  1. Me and Mia
  2. The Angels' Share
  3. The One Who Got Us Out
  4. Counting Down the Hours
  5. Little Dawn
  6. Heart Problems
  7. Criminal Piece
  8. Better Dead than Lead
  9. Shake the Sheets
  10. Bleeding Powers
  11. Walking to Do


Everyone’s favorite pop-punk wordsmith, Ted Leo (ex-Chisel frontman), returns with the third full-length for Lookout! Records with his slim-downed backing band, the Pharmacists. Now a threesome, the NYC group has polished and simplified their already perfected sound; upbeat punk-infused rock ballads that are political and societal without ever being preachy. Not to mention that absolutely every song on the disc is more contagious than the flu, which is a notable difference from the prior albums. Hearts of Oak and The Tyranny of Distance certaintly have their catchy moment, but no where close to the degree of Shake the Sheets. The accesisbility bar was definitely raised this time, but whether that is a good thing is a matter of opinion. The fact of the matter is that they have honed their craft and are able to whittle down their ideas into more concise 3-minute songs. Produced by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, Dashboard Confessional) and recorded at James Iha’s Stratosphere in Manhattan, Shake the Sheets is another perfect progression for the undeniably genius Ted Leo and his romantic lyricism. He’s, without a doubt, our generation’s Joe Strummer. Mpardaiolo

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