Sham 69 is a British punk rock band, founded in 1975 in Hersham in the County of Surrey. Their best known songs are ' If the Kids are United "and" Borstal Breakout ".


[hide]*1 History


Singer Jimmy Pursey coined the name of the group allegedly on a public toilet graffiti when he read about the victory of local football club ' Walton & Hersham ' in ' 1969 ', hence Sham 69. He founded the band along with Dave Parsons (guitar), Albie Slider (bass guitar) and Mark Cain (drums), after which they performed in various locations, including the then-legendary Roxy Club in London. In Acklam Hall they performed as support act for ChelseaThe Lurkers and The Cortinas on, where John Cale discovered them and to contacts helped. Their debut single "I don't wanna ' appeared on Step Forward, the small label but already in the spring of 1978, they signed a contract with PolyGram, where their first album ' Tell us the Truth," which half live recordings exist, appeared. Albie Slider became manager of the group, and the new bass guitarist David Tregunna was until 1980. The American label Shire released their debut in the United States from place likewise.

Their second album, ' that's Life ', all recorded live, appeared in 1978 and was also a great success, as well as many a song by Sham 69. Nevertheless, the band's live performances were a notorious reputation because they settled on violent brawls of failures; some performances truly began to gatherings of various extreme right-wing and racist groups, although singer Pursey publicly spoke against the British National Front .

Also the third album was a huge commercial success, but the band was concerned about the increasing violence at their concerts. Thereupon began to produce other bands Pursey and to explore new musical styles.Drummer Cain was succeeded by Ricky Goldstein. The fourth album by Sham 69, however, was a flop: in 1980, the group from another, which Goldstein, Stiv Bators and Tregunna Parsons together with The Wanderers founded the group, which was short-lived. Jimmy Pursey attempted a solo career.

Pursey and Parsons put in 1987 a reunion on legs, again undertook tours and brought new plates from middelerwijl as a solo artist, while Sue continued. In 2006, he left the Group again; the new singer was in 2007 Tim v. Parsons is the last remaining Member of the original line-up; Jefferson was the new bassist Rob, with Ian Whitewood on the percussion.


Sham 69 makes punk rock with anarchist leanings, which leans against the genre Oi! . Originally this was the punk of the white working class; ' If the Kids are United "is a call to rival youth gangs to unite so that the power of the State as tyranniek encountered can be broken. ' Borstal Breakout ' is about the outbreak from a borstal, an institution for juvenile delinquents. Notwithstanding the considerable attraction exercised on the far-right scene, this rather these groups were Sham 69 as fasteners, saw their ideas than vice versa. Sham 69 was covered by several other groups, including Atari Teenage RiotDie Toten HosenDropkick MurphysRancidStreet Dogs and even the schlager singer Benny Schnier.


  • 1978: Tell Us the Truth
  • 1978: that's Life
  • 1979: The Adventures of Hersham Boys
  • 1980: The Game
  • 1988: Volunteer
  • 1991: Information Libre
  • 1993: Kings & Queens
  • 1993: BBC1 – Live in Concert
  • 1995: Soapy Water & Mr. Marmalade
  • 1997: (A) Files CD
  • 2001: Direct Action: Day 21
  • 2007: Western Culture
  • 2010: Who Killed Joe Public

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