Founded: 1992

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Website Link(s): Shane MacGowan site, Popes site




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Band BiographyEdit

When The Pogues kicked Shane MacGowan out of the band for being drunk and high all the time (yeah....), out of a combination of a drive to perform and spite, he formed the Popes (so named, according to him, because that was as close as he could get to "The Pogues", so their records would show up next to his old band's records in stores. Unfortunately, a band named "The Popes" already existed, so he had to call it "Shane MacGowan and the Popes" instead. (Though, The Popes have been known to play shows -- and have even put out a record without him -- so perhaps the other Popes broke up or never released anything... or Shane MacGowan just put his name on the band anyway.) The band seems to be on a hiatus, as the last thing they released since 2001's Crock O' Gold was a collection of demos and b-sides.





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