In his younger days, Shavo used to spend all his time skateboarding and listening to punk rock and heavy metal music. Among others, he names The Pink Angel, Dead Kennedys, KISS and Black Sabbath as his favorite bands with great influence on his future musical development.


Shavo was raised in a great part by his grandmother, after whose death he claims to have lost faith and to have stopped praying every night as he did before. He attended 'Alex Pilibos' High School in Los Angeles, an Armenian parochial school, including his future band mates Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian, although they were not acquainted at the time due to age difference.


He was a guitarist for a short period of time in the band Soil. Then he switched to bass around the time John joined.

Movies etc.Edit

Shavo made a short cameo appearance in the 2001 movie 'Zoolander' as one of Hansel's friends. His favorite actor is Christopher Walken, and he declares to be fascinated with occultism, mainly in the form of movies.

Shavo also made appearance in an AC/DC video back when he was younger, the title of the song being "Big Gun" in 1993. He made a strange comment, "Woah, im on t.v!" when he was on stage.

New bandEdit

Odadjian has started a side project with The RZA from The Wu-Tang Clan, and they have already begun recording. They have plans for tours and a movie . They recently picked up a name for the band, ACHOZEN, and their first live show was at the Key Club in L.A in December 1st, 2006


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