She's Not Dead is an all-girl alternative-rock band from Portland, Oregon. The band is comprised of Kira Lee Nesser, Samantha Howell, and Sara Taylor.[1] The band was formerly comprised of four performers, two of which left the band prior to Taylor joining to play on keyboard.[2] The Washington County Review wrote that “The foursome from Portland seems to fully embody the femme fatale punk rock glam thing, drawing inspirations from pioneers in the genre like the Runaways as well as contemporary artists like Paramore.” [3] In 2012 She's Not Dead recorded their first album, Monsters In My Head, which they funded through a Kickstarter campaign.[4] Prior to that, they had a self-titled home studio CD containing 12 tracks, some of which made it onto their studio album.[5]


  • Kira Nesser (vocals, guitar)
  • Sam Howell (drums)
  • Sara Taylor (keyboard)


  • "She's Not Dead" (2010)
  • Monsters In My Head (2012)


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