"'She's So High" is an alternative rock song by Blur and was released as a double A-side with "I Know" on 15 October 1990 as their debut single, reaching #48 in the UK Singles Chart. Nevertheless, it was named NMEs single of the week and was included on Blur: The Best of over higher-charting tracks, an indication of its ultimate popularity. It was the first track on the band's first album, Leisure, released in 1991, and is one of the few tracks from that album that the band continued to perform live throughout their career.

The artwork was designed by Mel Ramos and shows a naked woman riding a hippopotamus.[1][2]


 [hide*1 Music video

Music video[edit]Edit

On the MTV Blurography special of 1996, in which the band members talked about the promotional videos, drummer Dave Rowntree recalled, "The head of our record company, David Balfe, wanted to try his hand at video directing. There were these neon rings suspended from the ceiling by three wires, each with someone holding a wire. He [Balfe] wanted these people to wobble the wires so that the neon rings would move. He kept shouting, 'I haven't seen the definitive wobble yet!'". Lead singer Damon Albarn appeared in a Penguin Books shirt, which has become something of a cult icon.

Track listings[edit]Edit

All songs written by Albarn and Blur.

7" and Cassette
  1. "She's So High" (edit) – 3:49
  2. "I Know" – 3:31
  1. "She's So High" (edit) - 3:49
  2. "Sing" – 6:00
  3. "I Know (Extended)" – 6:29
  1. "She's So High" (edit) - 3:49
  2. "I Know (Extended)" - 6:29
  3. "Down" - 5:56
European CD
  1. "She's So High" (edit) - 3:49
  2. "I Know" - 3:31
  3. "High Cool" (Easy Listening mix) - 4:20
  4. "Bad Day" (Leisurely mix) - 4:17

Production credits[edit]Edit

  • "She's So High" and "I Know" produced by Steve Lovell and Steve Power.
  • "Sing" and "Down" produced by Blur.


Charts (1991) Peak


UK Singles Chart[3] 48

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