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Artist: Ween

Album: White Pepper

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: This is a really, really pretty Ween song. I'm not sure if it's my favorite Ween song, but it's up there. It's one I can listen to over and over. It's just so softly sad and beautiful. The imagery is excellent as are the string arrangement at the end of the song. A lovely song about the collapse of a relationship—Ween's awfully good at those. I mean, check out "Baby Bitch", "Birthday Boy" and "If You Could Save Yourself, You'd Save Us All". Just wonderful, gorgeous music. This one seems a little less personal as those songs, though—more of a generalized story rather than one directly from Gener's life, but I could be wrong on that. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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