Sheriff was a Canadian rock band, formed in 1979, by Arnold David Lanni (keyboard/guitar) and Steve DeMarchi (lead guitar). They were completed by Freddy Curci (lead vocals), Wolf d. Hassel (bass) and Rob Eliot (drums).


In 1982 the album came out, and in particular the large vocal range by Freddy Curci stood out. The song was on the album among other things When I'm with you. It reached in 1983 the 61st place in the Billboard Hot 100. Six years later, however, still do reached the 1st place in the Billboard Hot 100, thanks to a DJ in Las Vegas that the number often turned. Noteworthy was that the song reached the first position with no video clip and also that the band already had gone a number of years apart. In 1985 the band split up.

There were plans for a reunion, but that was stopped by Arnold David Lanni and Wolf D Hassel, who possessed the rights to the name. They wanted to go with their newly formed band Frozen Ghost. Freddy Curci and DeMarchi started after Sheriff Steve a new band, called Alias.

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