Artist: Ween

Date Released: January 1, 2005

Label: Chocodog

Produced By: Andrew Weiss


  1. Tastes Good On Th' Bun
  2. Boys Club
  3. I Fell In Love Today
  4. Big Fat Fuck
  5. Gabrielle
  6. Did You See Me?
  7. How High Can You Fly
  8. Transitions
  9. Israel
  10. The Rift
  11. Monique The Freak
  12. Someday


This is basically the stuff Ween threw away. Yet, the shocking thing is how GOOD it is. I suppose that just goes to show what a good band Ween is that one of their castoffs can be one of my favorite songs ever (talking about the version of "Monique The Freak" that's on here). It might not be a great starter record, but, hey, it IS pretty awesome. Ween kicks ass. Y'all need to start listening to Ween if you don't already. They are my mother's favorite band. Her favorite record by anyone is either White Pepper or 12 Golden Country Greats, though she's grown awfully fond of Quebec as well. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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