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Sho' Is Funky Down Here is an album by James Brown, released in 1971 on King Records.[1] It was #26 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart and #137 on The Billboard 200 in 1971.[2]

It's a very atypical album for James Brown. All instrumental and full of heavy fuzzed-out guitars in a jazzy psychedelic rock style, resembling the first records by Funkadelic. All songs are by James Brown and David Matthews and the record is sort of a second album by Matthews' Grodeck Whipperjenny group.[3] David Matthews worked as the band leader for James Brown at the time.

Track listing[edit]Edit

Side A
  1. Sho Is Funky Down Here
  2. Don't Mind
  3. Bob Scoward
Side B
  1. Just Enough Room For Storage
  2. You Mother You
  3. Can Mind

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