Date Released:June 3, 2003


Produced By: E


  1. All In A Day's Work
  2. Saturday Morning
  3. The Good Old Days
  4. Love Of The Loveless
  5. Dirty Girl
  6. Agony
  7. Rock Hard Times
  8. Restraining Order
  9. Lone Wolf
  10. Wrong About Bobby
  11. Numbered Days
  12. Fashion Awards
  13. Somebody Loves You


The follow-up to Souljacker is still pretty great. It's not as good as Electro-Shock Blues or Souljacker, but it's better than Beautiful Freak or Daisies Of The Galaxy. It's a bit of a return to the older eels sound with some more mellow songs, but with a more Souljacker-inspired gritty production sound. The combination works, and there are some real standouts on this album. The songwriting isn't quite as strong this time around (a little bit of filler, but not much), but still definitely worth checking out. I'd say to either get this one or Blinking Lights after you get Souljacker and Electro-Shock Blues. Which you should go out and get RIGHT NOW. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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