Artist: AJG

Date Released: July 7, 2007

Recorded: 06/01/07 - 06/22/07

Recorded At: Exampl Studios, Rialto, CA

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Sub-Genres: New Skool

Label: SB Records

Produced By: AJG


AJG's debut album released July 10, 2007, but the album was leaked July 1, 2007, so in returned AJG released it 3 days earlier for the date of 7/7/07. AJG had stated (as of June 17) that he had more than half of the album already finished.


# Title Producer(s) Feature Artist(s)
1 "Intro: N My Citi" AJG
2 "Strictly Freestyle" ADub Beatz
3 "Heart of I.E." Vandalize Productions Exampl & Espanto
4 "Ridin' N The West" Epik Exampl
5 "Stay On Top" ProFound Beatz
6 "Find Me In The Club" King Kong Productions Black Ice, CLB & Exampl
7 "Bone-A-Fide Hustla" Exampl Young Cash
8 "Dolla After Dolla" Crack Status Productions Young Cash & Exampl
9 "Where'D It Go?" Spanish Harlem Exampl
10 "Do Ya Dance" RB$ Productions CLB
11 "Don't Need 'Em" Epik Exampl
12 "Stay On Top Remix" ProFound Beatz Exampl & CLB
13 "Outtro: SB Records" AJG Exampl
14 "Burn Remix" Ansane Exampl & Black Ice
15 "Back Up N It Part 2" Ansane Exampl

Cut TracksEdit

  • Ballin' N This Game Feat. Exampl
  • Luv U Down
  • Lyrically Feat. CLB
  • Rialto Citi Boi
  • Rollin' Deep
  • Show Me My Opponent
  • Smile 4 Me Now Feat. 2pac & Scarface
  • Stay On My Grind Feat. Rizoy
  • When I Bleep


  • Bone-A-Fide Hustla samples "Go DJ" - Lil' Wayne
  • Dolla After Dolla samples "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" - Lil' Wayne & Birdman


There is an estimate of a $3,000 budget on this album after reviewing the equiptment used (which averages around $2,500) and the promotion tools that will be used to promote the album (that is somewhere near $500).

Previous ReleaseEdit


Next ReleaseEdit

Rough Draft: An Arsenal

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