Show Your Colors is the fourth studio album by Finnish metal band Amoral.

Background Edit

Amoral's fourth studio album was announced in November of 2008 when the band announced Ari Koivunen as their new front man. On January 21st, their first single was put up the band's MySpace account. The first single is entitled Year of the Suckerpunch and the song is clearly distinctive from any of Amoral's previous material, and is built around Ari's higher pitched, clean, melodic voice, as opposed to former vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi's growling death metal vocals. The actual music and guitar work is reminiscent of the previous three Amoral albums, but it is clear the band is moving in a new direction. The album was released May 6th, 2009.

Track list Edit

  1. Random Words 1:51
  2. Release 5:55
  3. A Shade Of Gray 4:10
  4. Year Of The Suckerpunch 5:04
  5. Perfection Design 3:58
  6. Sex N' Satan 2:47
  7. Song For The Stubborn 3:21
  8. Vivid 4:02
  9. Gave Up Easy 4:02
  10. Last October 3:13
  11. Exit 6:23
  12. Dig Up Her Bones / Misfit´s cover (Japanese Edition´s Bonus Track)

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