Showaddywaddy was a popular pop group in the 1970s and early 80 's. The members come from Leicester (England). They specialised in revivals of hits from the 50s and dressed as Teddy Boys.

Well known hits[Edit]Edit

  • Hey Rock and Roll
  • Heartbeat
  • Hey Mr. Christmas
  • Three steps to heaven
  • Under the moon of love (1976)
  • When
  • I wonder why
  • Why do lovers break each others heart

Band Members[Edit]Edit

The original band members of Showaddywaddy are:

  • Dave Bartram -vocals-23 March 1952, Leicester, England.
  • Buddy Gask-singer-geb. as William Gask, 18 december 1948 in Leicester-d. 7 June 2011 to Spain
  • Russ Field-Guitar-geb. as James Lewis Russell Field, 1 september 1949 in Berwick Upon Tweed, England.
  • Trevor Oakes-Guitar-9 september 1946 in Leicester.
  • Al James-Bass-geb. as Geoffrey Betts, 13 January 1946 in Leicester.
  • Rod Deas-Bass 13 February 1948 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.
  • Malcolm Allured-drums-27 August 1945 in Leicester.
  • Romeo Challenger-drums-may 19, 1950 in Antigua, West Indies.

Malcolm Allured left the group in 1984, and was succeeded by Russ Field in 1985 and Buddy Gask in 1987.

The remaining 5 original band members still act on supplemented by Danny Willson (brother of Ricky Willson of Diesel Park West).

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