Artist: Calamalka

Date Released: September 21, 2004

Label: Plug Research

Produced By:


  1. Hear the Most
  2. Tabla Purists
  3. Chassi
  4. Auterzonik
  5. Lighting Rigg
  6. Ackee
  7. Bumpea
  8. Reliable I
  9. Ol' Ghost
  10. Gamblor
  11. Lumins
  12. Electric Blue


This album led to an interest in reggae via Bad Brains and later engrossed in the likes of King Tubby and Mad Professor, Vancouver-based veteran skateboarder Michael Campitelli, aka Calamalka, combines today’s progressive genres and the dub aesthetic of yesteryear. The 12 songs that scan Shredders Dub are dub takes at everything from math rock to hip-hop to Jimi Hendrix-esque freak-outs. Calamalka’s musicianship and production is very good, but it lacks some of the warmth and feeling of the analog boards and tape machines used for early dub songs. He comes pretty damn close with the electronically produced album, especially on Electric Blue. Shredders Dub is a good listen as a whole and a good fit for the Plug Research label. Mpardaiolo