Shyan Selah (born March 29, 1978) is an American musician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder/CEO of The Brave New World Global Entertainment Association (BNW Global) from Seattle, Washington.

Early life and educationEdit

Selah was raised in household of music. He gained knowledge of the entertainment industry through his pastor. Selah moved to Hollywood where he became more aquatinted with the music industry working as an extra and entertainer on the set of The WB's The Wayans Brothers, participating in many talent competitions and working as a fashion model.[1] While in Hollywood, Selah acquired skills in video production, music production, music promotion, and business negotiation. In 1998, Selah took the experience he gained in Hollywood to launch Brave New World Records, which is now the entertainment firm, BNW Global. Selah is also an alumni of Federal Way High School and Central Washington University, where he held the position of the star running back. [2]


Brave New WorldEdit

In 1999, Selah launched Brave New World Records, which became the basis of what is BNW Global, LLC. The firm which includes Brave New World Records an independent record label. Brave New World has distribution deals with KOCH Entertainment and Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group. Brave New World is expanding its roster with a variety of acts and a growing rock division.[3][4]

LIFE: The Shyan Selah ShowEdit

In November 2010, Selah’s radio show “LIFE: The Shyan Selah Show” debuted on air on 1150AM KKNW in Seattle on the Transformation Talk Radio Network which broadcasts content on over 300 national cable radio channels, Internet Networks, and AM/FM stations around the world reaching millions in over 100 countries. Shyan Selah aimed to pull back the curtain on the behind the scenes world of the entertainment industry with the intention of spotlighting the unique stories of a variety of guests such as Eddie Levert, Jr, music executive and son of Eddie Levert of The O'Jays; J.R. Martinez, Iraqi vet and star of All My Children; Alan Paul of the 10x Grammy Award-winning jazz group, Manhattan Transfer; Gary Belz, founder of the House of Blues Studios and more; as well as useful, accurate, and inspiring advice for those looking to learn how to create careers in the music and entertainment business. Selah's added blend of spotlighting never before-heard music along with youth, health and social justice issues has made for an incredibly unique and diverse show entirely new to the global listening audience as well as the Transformational Talk Radio Network, which is also aired coast to coast on CBS Lifestyle Radio in Boston, Seattle and Detroit.[Brave New World Global 1]

Bronx BullEdit

In October 2011, Shyan Selah starred in his first feature film role in the The Bronx Bull. Selah shares a scene with William Forsythe, who plays the role of Jake LaMotta, the former Italian middleweight champ. Bronx Bull tells the story of Jake LaMotta's tumultuous life and times. Selah plays a retired boxer who's a good friend of Jake's. Selah was also chosen by director Martin Guigui to be featured on the Bronx Bull soundtrack alongside 50 Cent, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top,and Alicia Witt. Selah also wrote and performed the theme song to 2011's Born to Ride, which starred Casper Van Dien and was helmed by Guigui.[5]

Pink ButterflyEdit

In September 2012, Selah released his breast cancer awareness inspired single "Pink Butterfly" which was inspired by his participation in a "Save the Boobs" event in honor of breast cancer survivors, patients and supporters. A YouTube video to the single was released as well. Pink Butterfly is told from a male's point-of-view of falling in love with a woman who's actions are aloof, but the male does know why until he finds about her diagnosis. Selah's aim with the video was to raise awareness in the eyes of men with the issue of breast cancer in the community.[6]



  • 2000: Shyan Selah – Round and Round
  • 2005: Shyan Selah – Concrete City (Collection) – EP
  • 2007: Shyan Selah – Soul Music "The Anthem"
  • 2008: Shyan Selah – Brave New World
  • 2009: Shyan Selah – Hollywood BLVD
  • 2013: Shyan Selah – Love (Single)
  • 2013: Shyan Selah – Summer We Fell in Luv – Single[7][8]



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