Artist: KAYO

Album: Braided Cord Heroine

Appears On (Mixes):

Song Notes: As I Listen Review: Really Polysicsy drum track and guitar, (Hiro again), but pretty much straightforward Pop vocal performance. This is also really excellent. "Green Pop" is the best song, but this is a great followup to it. This EP is strange and wonderful. Oh, samples! This EP's not something I'd think you'd want to introduce someone to Polysics with, just because it's so different to POLYSICS; it's probably more successful amongst POLYSICS fans than Pop Fans, but, hey, perhaps there'd be some crossover or something. But this is really, really great. It's funny, because, I could really see this being from a project where POLYSICS were to record a Straight Pop album under an assumed name, sorta like the Dukes Of Stratosphear. Because that's what it really sounds like. And like the Dukes, it's slightly funny just to hear the arrangements be so On, but more importantly, it's Dead On Perfect. I SO hope KAYO's got a full-length coming out as well, because I will totally pick that up on the day it comes out. Even if I have to fly to Japan to do so. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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