Sign "☮" the Times (pronounced as Sign of the Times) is the ninth album by Prince , released in 1987. The double album was the first album that was released after the breakup of his band The Revolution.


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The album is considered by many critics, music sheets and fans considered Prince ' best album. Prince was especially praised for his strong compositions, which later live strong came alive.

The material varies quite drastically from its predecessor Parade, especially because the weather was largely a solo project. On the one hand, the music knows a return to the somewhat rawer funk from the time of1999 and on the other hand a much larger rock influence than Parade. The album is especially distinguished by its wide variety of compositions, atmosphere and music.

Prince lets itself, especially in the raw and atmospheric title track, from his socially critical side. He is also, as it seems, what more personal in his lyrics, reflecting some more maturing Prince lets hear it.

In addition to the big hits Sign "☮" the Times and You Got the Look, the album is also known for the later liveklassiekers HousequakeForever in My Live and the Christian-religious-inspired number The Cross.


Disc 1[Edit]Edit

01. Sign "☮" the Times 4: 56
02. Play in the Sunshine 5: 05
03. Housequake 4: 42
04. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker 4: 01
05. It 5: 09
06. Starfish and Coffee 2: 50
07. Slow Love 4: 22
08. Hot Thing 5: 39
09. Forever in My Life 3: 30

Disc 2[Edit]Edit

01. You Got the Look 3: 47
02. If I Was Your Girlfriend 5: 01
03. Strange Relationship 4: 01
04. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man 6: 29 am
05. The Cross 4: 48
06. It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night 9: 01 am
07. Adore 6: 30


There were a total of four singles pulled from the album; Sign "☮" the Times (18 February 1987), If I Was Your Girlfriend (6 May), You Got the Look (14 July) and I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (3 november).

Two of the four singles experienced a b side whose number not previously was released; La, La, La, He, He, Hee (b-side Sign "☮" the Times) and Shockadelica (b-side If I Was Your Girlfriend). On both songs, the vocals are taken care of by Prince alterego Camille, on La, La, La, He, He, Hee also by Sheena Easton.

Sign "☮" the Times (nl: # 6, UK: # 10, us: # 3) was a top ten hit in many countries. You Got the Look (nl: # 17, UK: # 11, us: # 2), a duet with Sheena Easton, was especially a big hit in the United States. If I Was Your Girlfriend (nl: # 16, UK: # 20, USA: # 67) and I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (nl: # 22, UK: # 29, USA: # 10) were smaller hits.


During The Revolution, the dissolution of the end of september 1986, was the next Prince And The Revolution-album, called "Dream Factory" already as good as ready. Prince, however, decided to cancel this double album. In november of that year turned out to have a new album ready Prince again, under the pseudonym "Camille", also entitled "Camille". Prince changed, however, and decided with the new project "Crystal Ball"to boot. This would have to be dubbelalbum, with a three under other songs from Dream Factory and Camille. Warner Brothers, his record company, however, saw this eventually, related to commercial reasons not be and they agreed to a double album. Prince pulled out seven songs from Crystal Ball off and added at the last minute the number You Got the Look far. Probably because the title track also was deleted, changed in Sign "☮" the Prince album title the Times.

Eventually were originally eight songs by Sign "☮" the Times on Dream Factory, three on Camille and fifteen on Crystal Ball, with the necessary overlaps.


The colors that were heard in the project Black and peach (peach and black). These colors are also back in the number You Got the Look"Color you peach and black, Color me takin' aback, Crucial, I think I wantcha". On the entrance tickets to the Sign "☮" the Times Tour was also include a statement that one must dress in peach and black: "Wear something Peach ... or Black!".

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