Signal Sound Systems Records was established in 1991 in Victorville, California. Signal Sound Systems Records (also known as SSSR for short) got it's name from a combination of Signal Productions (which started in 1983) and the song "Sound System" from ska-punk band Operation Ivy. Signal Productions was created by Greg McWhorter as a means by which to communicate with other area punk rockers and as a vehicle by which to throw shows and put out a fanzine, Disturbed Minds. Signal Productions had started a cassette-tape only label in 1983 called C.U.R.S.E. (Casual Utterances by Really Spiteful Extremists) Tapes which was modeled after BCT (Bad Compilation Tapes -San Diego) Tapes. Greg McWhorter even did the original artwork for two BCT Tapes releases; Tropical Viruses I & II (1985).

Signal Sound Systems Records focused on releasing material by new punk bands that existed around the early 1990s in the Southern California punk rock scene.


SPR001 X-O Toxins s/t 5 song 7" 1991
SPR002 Large Hardware "91" 3 song 7" 1992
SPR003 Voodoo Glow Skulls "Rasta Mis Huevos" 6 song 7" 1992
SPR004 Dead Lazlo's Place "Who the @#!!@% is Thom?" 3 song 7" 1992
SPR005 Welcome to Califucknia compilation Cassette/CD 1992
SPR006 Voodoo Glow Skulls "We're Coloring Fun" 12" 1992
SPR007 Total Passover "Shalom Motherfucker" 7" (unreleased)
SPR008 Butt Trumpet "We're Loud" 7" 1993
SPR009 Applekore "Good Things Come to Those Enraged" 2 song 7" 1993
SPR010 Guttermouth / B.H.R. split 7" 1993
SPR011 Signal 30 / Applekore split 7" (test pressings only) 1993
SPR012 Das Klown / Fixtures split 7" (unreleased) 1993
SPR013 B.H.R. "Breaking In" 17 song CD 1993
SPR014 Voodoo Glow Skulls "Potty Training Years" CD 1993
Repressings until 1994. Complete shut-down of label 1994.
SPR015 White flag "R is for Rocket, U is for Unreleased" CD (unreleased as SPR015, but was released as SPR017 on Artifix Records)

See also: Artifix Records

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