Silver Convention was a German disco group from the 70 's.

The Group was founded in Munich by producers and songwriters Sylvester Levay and Michael KunzeSilver was the nickname of Sylvester. In 1974 they scored a hit in the United Kingdom with the song Save me.Because it was a studio group, originally was from then searched for singers to also act.

Linda G. Thompson (Linda Übelherr), Penny McLean (Gertrude Wirshinger) and Ramona Wulf (Ramona Kraft) were adopted. Silver Convention scored two big hits in the United StatesFly, Robin, Fly, the text of which only 6 words existed, was 3 weeks on 1 in 1975 and won the Grammy Award for best R & B instrumental performance. Get up and boogie was the successor three weeks at 2 in 1976. The ladies at the same time also released solo work. McLean had a hit with Lady Bump and Thompson with Ooh what a night. David was active from 1971 as schlager singer and performed often on in the TV program "That Hit-Parade".

Further singles from the Group on their first successes were further reworked only modest hits. Thompson left the Group at the end of 1976 and was replaced by Rhonda Heath. In 1977 , the band elected to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Telegram. The EBU abolished the free language rule that was introduced since 1973, but because Germany and Belgium already have an English language song had chosen the measure was again withdrawn. The trio was eighth and reached the top 30 charts, however, it was the end of the group.

Rhonda Heath sang in 1985 as a backing vocalist for Austria and in 1994 at the German candidates. Silver Convention inspired a Dutch producer to the founding of the popular group Luv '.

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